Everything Phone focuses on your business communication needs, providing the tools, services and resources to facilitate easy interaction with clients, customers, team members and staff.
We provide a total telecommunication solution, including equipment, connectivity, toll free vanity numbers, domain name resources, branded email, and the extra assistance often required by small businesses.
Communication has been changed by the Internet, and social media often drives relationships, we also help develop strategies for interaction and marketing, helping small businesses grow and succeed in a dynamic global market.



As the Internet and search engines have proliferated, finding information has become easier, albeit often overwhelming. Gone are the days of simple Yellow Page directories, searches for restaurants, retailers, or service providers on the Internet may yield thousands of results.
Finding specific services, lawyers, doctors or pool service can be overwhelming and specific brands to connect customers to service providers help target your search. Geographic routing of calls further helps customers quickly find the service providers in their area.
Our brand includes, Poolboy “dot” Com, Net, Info and US, together with the vanity toll free phone number 800-Poolboy

Switzerland, the small central European country has long been synonymous with quality, scenery and hospitality and is often considered a “brand.” Myriad products are associated with Switzerland, including watches, cheese, chocolate and wine. GoSwiss provides an English language lifestyle hub for all things Swiss.
Our brand includes, GoSwiss “dot” Com, Net, and Org, together with the vanity toll free phone number 800-GoSwiss and the most popular social media applications.

I’m Swiss
Switzerland is a small proud nation with a population of about 8.0 million, of which about 6.5 million are Swiss citizens. Another 750 thousand Swiss citizens live around the world, and we provide branded telecommunication tools to connect fans of Switzerland.
Our brand includes, ImSwiss “dot” Com, together with the vanity toll free number